Central Norfolk Cataract Referral Service

We support patients with cataracts to choose an outpatient appointment as efficiently as possible.

Central Norfolk Cataract Referral Service

This service is for people who have been assessed by an optician / optometrist and recommended for further assessment of cataracts at an outpatient appointment.

Your optician will have told you that you are being referred, have given you a leaflet on How to book your cataract outpatient appointment and given you the Cataract Patient Information booklet.

To book your appointment please call 01603 964530

We are open Monday to Friday, 8.00am – 6.00pm.

Please Ring No Earlier Than A Week After Your Optician Appointmnent

How To Book Your Cataract Appointment

Meeting and discussing with clinicians at your outpatient appointment will determine if surgery is the right choice for you.

If you do have an operation it will be within 18 weeks of your call to the Central Norfolk Cataract Referral Service.

Please use this website for more information about cataract care. We are always looking for feedback on the details and quality of information we can make available for you.

Please be aware that you should not drive to and from your outpatient appointment, as you will have drops put in your eyes for the assessment.

1. The Cataract Referral Service (we) receive your referral form from the Optometrist via the post.

2. We will then ring you (the patient) to book your pre-operative assessment with your chosen provider (where appropriate this will be done with your advocate with your agreement).

You will be supported by one of our patient care advisors throughout this booking process.

3. We will contact your GP to provide any supporting clinical information which is sent direct to your chosen provider.

4. We will attempt to contact you for three consecutive days, if not available we will leave messages for you to call the Cataract Referral Service on 01603 964530.

If you have not called the Cataract Referral Service back after three days (for whatever reason), we will then write to you giving you 10 more days to call the Cataract Referral Service on 01603 964530

5. If no contact has been made by you within these 10 days , your referral will be booked with your nearest provider and a letter sent out to you informing you about the appointment details.

Cataract Surgery

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